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Miami & Dominican Republic



Momma Kim's House 

Momma Kim's House where you'll get everything you need.

Traveling & planning your short visit to Miami or the Dominican Republic can be an exhausting experience, allowing Momma Kim to ease your stress. We invite  you to enter MKH where style, personalized concierge care with a mothers touch connects. Our commitment to service is incomparable and our rates are unmatched.

Where Every Guest Is FAMILY!


At MKH , we understand that undergoing cosmetic enhancements can be both a physical and emotional journey for patients. For those who would like a little extra support during their recovery, we offer a seamless aftercare experience at my home. Where Momma Kim's guests can temporarily get the rest they need. A safe and comfortable recovery.

MKH is equipped with WiFi, cable and Netflix etc. You will be taken care of every step of the way.

Insurance Policy

Terms and Policy


Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing MKH for your post-operative care and stay. At MKH, we strive to

provide our clientele with the utmost compassion and care with a personalized concierge

experience with a mama's touch.

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